William Haisten - Director, Global Accounts

Professional Bio

After a tenured career in Law Enforcement, William has aligned with Globauxsource to bring his diversified background of association administration, recruitment, policy procedures liability and training/venue coordination to that of his clientele to execute successful meetings and events.

For William and his clientele, his mission is clear: In today’s time-pressed business environment. The planner, albeit an admin, CMP, or VP wears many hats and needs someone who can find the best venue at the right price and terms with special attention to detail no matter the size of the program, 10 rooms to 10,000 rooms each deserving equal consideration and attention. 

William developed a strong sense of devotion for the hospitality industry after delving into the areas of safety, security and liabilities for the clients he served.  His experiences as a past president and vice president of an association allow him to understand the nuances of placing, servicing and executing with attention to every detail.  


Contact Information

William Haisten

12043 Vista Ranch Way, Fort Worth, TX. 76179, USA

Phone: 972-646-1259

Email: wehaisten@globauxsource.com