Dennis Centorbi - Regional Vice President

Professional Bio

After 25+ years in the hospitality/travel industry, Dennis has consistently achieved numerous awards for his professional accomplishments and hours of volunteer work for non-profit organizations. He is an accomplished sales executive that maintains a multitude of experience in all facets of the hospitality industry including transient and group travel, airline and ground transportation, as well as, premium and luxury tourism. He possesses a refined skill set and continues to develop unique approaches to contract negotiations and industry sourcing, benefiting each client's unique 8, varied business objectives to create a "win, win" for all parties. His true passion lies in developing relationships, motivation and teamwork. It remains essential to understand the complexity of each client's needs 8, excel in developing effective strategies to stay ahead of the fast paced and changing travel industry. His strong communication skills and talent in "thinking outside the box" generates a successful foundation to exceed his client's expectations every time. 

When Dennis is not working, he continues to consult for numerous global LGBTQ non-profits, maintains a strong commitment to fitness and enjoys time with his Scottish Terrier, Chance!


Contact Information

Dennis Centorbi

1913 Summer Pine Ct. Ste. #102, Las Vegas, NV. 89134, USA

Phone: 773-709-0777