Dave Murphy - Regional Vice President

Professional Bio

Dave comes to GlobauxSource with a DMC background stretching over 35 years.

Life in the hospitality industry all began for Dave with unintentional encounters of the corporate meeting kind. It turns out they needed assistance in organizing destination content and logistics. His first steps started on a small scale in the early 80’s as a receptive ground operator in Whistler, British Columbia just as this Resort was in its infancy as a travel destination.

Ultimately working with groups in designing and delivering inbound travel programs created a passion for Dave and introduced him to Cantrav, the Destination Management Company he enjoyed working with for over three decades from 1985 until leaving as Regional Director in 2019.

Throughout his career he has worked with the destination professionals, industry partners and many organizations globally to create and produce destination programs that inspire loyalty and generate lasting memories through shared experiences.

The years working with a DMC has given Dave the opportunity to form strong and valued relationships with clients and throughout the supplier chain including tourism agencies, hotel partners, activity operators, transfer/transportation companies and industry suppliers germane to demands from the meeting & incentive travel market.

Coupling his experience in the hospitality industry with 10 years of owning and operating a retail business with his wife has added to Dave’s appreciation and understanding of customer service.

In his free time Dave can be seen out with his wife walking their dogs or as some friends look at it, the dogs are taking Dave out to play!

Contact Information

Dave Murphy

856 Blooming Point Rd, Stewart, Prince Edward Island, CANADA

Phone: 604-905-8994

Email: dmurphy@globauxsource.com