Thursday, February 2, 2012

What should I consider …?

Welcome to the first post for GlobauxSource, a meetings resource company you’ll want to quickly get to know. Why? Well, the first thing you will notice about the company is that the entire company, from the President, to every Associate representing GlobauxSource is dedicated to you!

A lot of companies that compete for your business will say that, of course. The point to the fact they are the largest, book the largest amounts, are the most experienced, or have the most countries in the world represented by their Account Managers.

What does that really mean? Can you call them on a Sunday night or early Saturday morning because your program is not going as well as you hoped? Did you need to work on the contract over the weekend and wanted some input as to the negotiating points? Will you need them alongside you at your program, like a trusted friend, knowing they will take care of any challenges you have, checking on things beforehand, so you can concentrate on putting on a successful and memorable event, making your attendees, boss, and their boss happy, and by the way, you’d like to look good too!

Can they clearly understand the real objective of your meeting or event? See what type of questions they ask. How much experience and what kind of industry relationships can they draw upon, not even necessarily at the prospective hotel or venue you are having your event at? Do they really get, “it”?

Can you sense the enthusiasm and passion as they work for you? Personally, I am thoroughly convinced that if someone does not work with a passion for what they do, whether it be meeting planning or accounting, that person will not perform to their best ability and not provide you with the experience you had expected.

That need from the feedback of many of our clients over the years was the overriding reason this company, and this blog was created. We will show you why we’re different. In future posts, we’ll talk about things in the meetings industry important to all of us and things that can and will help you in the future.

This is not a commercial, just something to think about as you move forward with your plans to source your next meeting, incentive, or event. Ask yourself, “What should I consider..?

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