Site Selection

Site selection is at the heart of what GlobauxSource does best. We listen to your specific meeting needs to determine your meeting objectives, locations, destinations and venues that best meet your specific requirements. Our goal is to make the process simple, efficient and optimize results for you and your team. GlobauxSource strives to be an integral arm of the meetings department and desires to be entrenched in client planning to provide greater efficiency and effectiveness.

We submit the request for proposal (RFP) on your behalf and review each proposal that best meets your requirements. GlobauxSource provides an easy to understand RFP information form to ensure a seamless process (click HERE). The proposals are then broken up into an easy to understand and review format saving you time. After you receive this information, we review and discuss with you listening to your feedback to determine the best destination to pursue. After you have made your decision, we work with the corresponding staff to ensure a seamless contracting process. Our goal for site selection is to make it efficient and effective focusing on your needs to provide you optimal results.