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As the worldwide leader in meetings resource management, GlobauxSource is committed to providing you a successful and personalized solution for your meeting needs. We provide you with a complete meeting picture personally designed to save you time, effort and resources.

Whether a board meeting in Dallas, a technical conference in Sydney, a product launch in Paris or your annual meeting in New York, GlobauxSource is committed to being your partner. We begin with thorough research to learn your specific needs, conduct the RFP process, then handle negotiation and follow-up on your behalf while providing timely updates and feedback. Our approach and management for the entire meeting process is direct, personal and responsive to your needs.

With a vast network of strategic partner alliances and meeting management services, GlobauxSource associates constantly strive to achieve our goal of being the best solution provider for our clients.

At GlobauxSource, our focus is on you, our customer. GlobauxSource, "Sourcing the World"


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