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Our approach is direct, personal, and client centric – a strategy that focuses on creating the optimal experience for our clients.

Patti Palacios, President & CEO

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Why GlobauxSource? In us, you’ll find a strategic partner who will work with you to create successful events, full of wow and unforgettable moments.  Our approach is direct, personal, and client centric – a strategy that focuses on creating the optimal experience for our clients. We combine the experience and knowledge of our team with our clients’ goals and objectives, leading to the highest levels of service and unparalleled results. 

GlobauxSource uses the power of its domestic and international relationships to enhance the value of our services.  We bring negotiating power to your budget while offering an effective and personalized solution for all your meeting needs.  Whatever your event – a board meeting in Dallas, a technical conference in Sydney, a product launch in Paris, or your annual meeting in New York – GlobauxSource is the industry partner you can trust.

Backed by our high-level meeting management services and extensive network of strategic alliances, the GlobauxSource team delivers on its promise to be the optimal solution provider for our clients.

Our Team is the Heart of GlobauxSource

The GlobauxSource team begins every day with one important task – to combine our experience, knowledge, and extensive network of strategic partners to be the best solution provider for our clients. We invite you to meet our team and learn why GlobauxSource is the optimal choice for strategic meeting management services.

Our Solutions

Strategic Partner Alliances

The GlobauxSource business model combines strong relationships with clients and globally-connected suppliers, allowing with global reach, allowing us to provide optimal solutions worldwide. Ethics, professionalism and integrity are the pillars of the GlobauxSource team, and our success depends on providing the highest levels of service, both next door and on the other side of the globe.

Professional Meeting Resource Management

As your advocate, GlobauxSource is a trusted ally in managing your event, program, or conference. As a turnkey event solution provider, GlobauxSource focuses on being an integral working partner with you, identifying needs and potential opportunities while providing value and expertise throughout the entire meeting process. GlobauxSource manages the daily minutiae, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture, and achieve excellence in all areas.

Worldwide Partners

GlobauxSource, in concert with our supplier partners, offers a global network of destination support, research, up-to-the-minute local updates, current information on the best hotels, unique venues, and innovative activities and events. This partner network allows GlobauxSource to leverage its existing knowledge and experience in combination with local professional intel to make the best recommendations for your programs and specific needs.


GlobauxSource is your invaluable partner and advocate – an experienced industry ally, offering clients unparalleled service.

As the leader in meetings resource management, GlobauxSource understands the complexities involved in the meetings management process. We develop effective cost-effective strategies and actions, while focusing on our clients’ needs and objectives. With our diverse, extensive background of hospitality, meetings, and event experience and our combined talents and skills, our GlobauxSource team creates optimal outcomes for our clients.

Make a positive difference by giving back

GlobauxSource believes it’s essential to support organizations and individuals aiding underserved communities. Making a positive difference and helping those in need is a pillar of success, and GlobauxSource gives back through both relationships and services. Coupled with personal and corporate involvement, GlobauxSource focuses its efforts on making life better for people.

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