GlobauxSource is your invaluable partner and advocate – an experienced industry ally, offering clients unparalleled service. 

As the leader in meetings resource management, GlobauxSource understands the complexities involved in the meetings management process.  We develop effective cost-effective strategies and actions, while focusing on our clients’ needs and objectives.  With our diverse, extensive background of hospitality, meetings, and event experience and our combined talents and skills, our GlobauxSource team creates optimal outcomes for our clients.

We deliver the type of meeting experience that meets and exceeds your expectations – every time!

Site Selection

Site selection is the critical first step in the whole strategic meetings management process. Not only are destination, availability and costs all important factors, there are a wide array of other criteria to consider, including sustainability, accessibility, security and infrastructure, among others. The GlobauxSource team researches destinations and properties consistent with your values and program needs to provide a slate of options from which to choose. The result is that our clients are exposed to the best destination solutions from which to choose. All based on their requirements and preferences.

Contract Negotiation

Contract negotiation is an increasingly important component of meetings management and GlobauxSource is an expert negotiator.  Post-pandemic much has changed in the supplier-planner contract landscape, so having a specialist adept at navigating the small print while being aware of the big picture is essential.   GlobauxSource understands how to negotiate contracts that work for the client’s budget while minimizing the potential financial and civic risk.

Our Promise


We listen to you to understand what you want to achieve.


We plan based on what we heard using our experience to ensure every detail and need.


We deliver the kind of meeting experience that goes beyond your expectation

Registration & Housing

Registration and housing are critical base components of any successful event.  GlobauxSource makes it simple by custom building a registration website that integrates with our clients’ branding.  The result is intuitive, easy to navigate and meets your objectives while we manage the entire process.  Related personalized communications and marketing can include automated emails, mass updates, and customized branded invitations with pre-populated attendee data. Regular reports will keep you updated on attendee registration activity and housing pick-up.


  • Conditional Logic creates condensed, morphing forms
  • Personalize pages with custom fields
  • Register groups of attendees to speed up registration process
  • Allow attendees to update their own registration details
  • Set automated notifications based on registration data


  • Customized, automated emails create anticipation and buzz before & after your event
  • Send mass updates & notifications
  • Email can be uniquely personalized to include specific attendee information
  • Create customized, branded invitations with pre-populated attendee data


  • Custom Badges
  • Lanyards
  • Form Builder
  • Data Management
  • Session Manager
  • Call Center
  • On Site Staff
  • Reporting Analytics
  • Live Dashboard Views
  • Surveys
  • Payments
  • Customized Communications

Meeting Management

As a leader in meeting resource management, GlobauxSource also offers full meeting management services, where we partner with you to manage all the details on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your work.   

Meetings management includes logistical coordination, management of budget, food & beverage, online registration and web development, air ticketing, offsite functions, audio visual and staging and virtually any other aspect of the meeting management process. We research, refine and present you with the choices that meet your criteria, allowing you make informed decisions impacting program success and allowing us to execute your vision.

GlobauxSource meeting management is a cost-effective solution to a not-enough-time-in-the-day workload!

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